Hello All,

First off I apologize if this isn't quite the right spot for this question.

I am having a bit of trouble block the facebook app on our ipads. We are currently in our second year of a 1 to 1 ipad program for our junior high school. There are two types of ipad configuration. Students and Parents can choose to lease the device which allows them to take the ipad home with them. For this reason they are configured to allow students to install their own apps along with apps that the we have purchased. Of course as much as we tell them the facebook app is not allowed on their ipads they put it on there anyways and apple offers no way of blocking just specific apps that I have found.

My issue is that since apple decided that integrating facebook into the iOS itself is a great idea, I have kids going around my blocks in creative ways. They will login via the FB login in the settings then just post to FB using safari's built in FB function. This I have been able to stop using Https filtering in the web filter and the FB options in Application Control on the Untangle appliance. Another way is if they do have the app it will just work fine and dandy I am able to stop it by blocking the miscellaneous category and having the Categorize HTTPS by IP option on. Unfortunately that also breaks access to all of our google apps (email, google drive, etc) resources that students and staff using the devices need access to. I also tried throwing in firewall rules that block the most frequent IPs that FB uses which doesn't work. I see blocks in the log but it doesn't seem to stop the app at all.

I do realize most of the headache stems from the fact that apple intends the ipad as a consumer device not an enterprise device. Maybe one day apple will grace us with enterprise versions of iTunes and iOS.

Any suggestions on how to block this would be greatly appreciated