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    Default Linksys WRT54g Using Bridge Mode

    I wonder, since the WRT54G is both the router and Wireless Access point, if you put Untangle in Bridge mode, and connect the external interface to one of the Linksys LAN ports, do you connect the internal interface to another LAN port?

    Would that in fact provide filtering on the wireless?

    In these reponses I see that you suggest putting your AP on a switch inside, but again the WRT54G is an all in one device.

    I have it working in firewall mode but am curious if I can get it working bridge mode.

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    which device would be doing the DHCP on your network?

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    Hey, welcome to the forums
    Hmm.... unless there is a feature on the linksys guy. The wireless traffic will not be switched out the switch ports, it will be switched internally to the external interface. I don't think you have an option to set it up any other way.
    Is it an option to have Untangle be doing all of the routing/firewall features? Then have the ap behind it?

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    Most wireless routers do work with Untangle. If you want the wireless users to be filtered, you will need to have the Untangle sitting in front of the wireless router. Since it is sitting in front of the wireless router/switch, you will need to turn off the routing functionality. To turn off the routing functionality on a typical wireless router, you simply leave the WAN port out of the loop. Connect the internal interface of the Untangle to the LAN port of the wireless router. Some wireless routers you will need to go into the setup to turn off the routing function.
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    I don't like double NAT'ing..and I'd prefer to have my highest performing device be my router. In this case...I'm sure your Untangle box will easily outperform the old wrt54g. So why not harness all that power? I always recommend to run the wireless router in access point mode, instead of having it as a router behind another router (double NAT'ing).

    Easy to do....with any brand wireless router.
    Take your primary routers IP address..say your Untangle box is set to Now..the Linksys by default will be at You'll want to have your Linksys still managable via web admin, so change it to be in the same IP range as your primary router ( in this example)...yet have it outside the DHCP pool (often you have DHCP hand out workstations addresses starting at .100). A popular IP address for access points is ending is log into your Linksys..and change its IP address from Release/renew your workstation so it picks up the new log into the Linksys router again...and disable its DHCP service. You'll want to use the DHCP from your primary router..Untangle in this case.

    Now...uplink your Linksys the green NIC (LAN side) of your Untangle box..using a LAN port on your Linksys router. You will no longer use the WAN/Internet port of your Linksys router (exception...see footnote below)

    You can leave your Linksys routers WAN setup to obtain auto, or...if you want, assign it some oddball static WAN IP address, like Reason to assign it a WAN IP..some model routers, when setup in this mode..will struggle to keep obtaining IP addresses on their WAN interface, especially if left in PPPoE mode, thus sucking up CPU cycles and causing them to slow down a lot.

    Now your Linksys router is pretty much just being used as a plain access point, you're not using its router features.

    ***Footnote....for increased performance, stability, features, and a little range increase..try flashing the wrt54g with 3rd party firmware such as DD-WRT. DD-WRT has a feature where you can flip the wrt to access point mode..and enable that WAN/Internet port to be used as a 5th LAN you now have a 5 port switch/access point.

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