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    Default Ad Blocker update issues

    There are several threads about people having issues with ad blocker.
    Rather than respond on each thread I'll just post this and link to this.

    Before I do that let me reiterate these statements from the wiki:

    WARNING: Ad Blocker is similar in nature to browser plugins that block ads (like AdBlockPlus). Like those plugins, sometimes blocking ads can interfere with the proper functioning of online websites or media. However, because Ad Blocker blocks ads at the gateway the browser user has no visual indication that ads have been blocked nor have any way to temporarily disable or bypass the ad blocking functionality if it interferes with the proper functioning of online services. As such, Ad Blocker can cause issues and the browser user has no recourse. Running Ad Blocker can impose administrative overhead dealing with issues and is ideal for some environments (small sites, home, enthusiasts, etc) but not recommended in others like schools, businesses, and large sites.

    WARNING: When the update button is pressed it pulls new signatures directly from 3rd party sources. We have not tested any future updates and can not guarantee any future updates will work correctly. Updates may interfere with the proper functioning of websites and potentially cause massive problems.

    WARNING: Unlike other apps, Ad Blocker is off by default after installation. Do not enable Ad Blocker until reading the above warnings.
    Please read those carefully.

    Anyway, at some point easylist added some signatures that caused some issues.
    If you scroll down on the "Ad Filters" tab and disable all the /cdn-cgi/pe/bag2*... rules (there should be about 10 of them) and click Apply then you should be fine.

    In v11.2 we tried to make it a bit more tolerant of "bad signatures," however the above warnings still apply. Have fun.
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    I found those on pages 138-139 and disabling them allowed pages like arstechnica and microsofts apps to properly show pages again.

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    Thanks for acknowledging the issue and posting a work around

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