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    Question Ad Blocker vs. Ad Block Plus, discrepancy?

    Curious question; I've got SSL Inspector and Ad Blocker running on my Untangle, and it works. BUT Ad Block Plus plugin in my chrome browser seems to catch a lot of things that go through the Ad Blocker, can anyone explain the discrepancy? For example, I visit cnn this morning. The Untangle log shows me 3 blocked ads, but ABP plugin in my chrome browser shows me 27 blocked on the same page, even with Ad Blocker running on my Untangle. Can someone with knowledge in this area explain the difference in how they work, and why ABP plugin seems to be more aggressive?

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    I can offer only hearsay knowledge of the difference. A longstanding complaint about Untangle's Ad Blocker is that the provider of the ad list "taints" the list through whitelisting. In other words, ad companies can make an agreement with the list provider: The ad company agrees to provide well behaved ads and for a fee the list provider agrees to whitelist the ad company's servers. That's how the list provider pays the bills since the list is freely available.

    That's the longstanding rumor. I can't verify that directly for Untangle's Ad Blocker, and Untangle take no responsibility for the content of the list that powers Ad Blocker, so they likely don't know themselves.

    The rumor is consistent with my experience. If i compare my experience of the BBC mobile website, for example, with Ad Blocker enabled and disabled, I much prefer the experience I have with Ad Blocker enabled because the BBC allows intrusive and annoying ads.

    Caveat: I'm much more interested in blocking trackers than ads. I don't mind ads that play nice. Ad Blocker fits pretty nicely into my preferred first line of defense, especially for "vulnerable" devices like this early 2011 MacBook Pro I'm using at the moment, which can't run the latest version of Safari and supported plugins. Ordinarily, I use plugins such as Privacy Badger and DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials to supply what Ad Blocker lacks.
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