This is something rather strange that i have been noticing. When i have the spyware blocker url and ad list being blocked, when i jump around to pages, it show "page cannot be displayed" where ads would be. Ok this is no problem i say at least im not getting the ads.

The problem lies when i click back from a page, i have to click back 3 or sometimes up to 5 times before it goes back. Each click on the back button i hit just reverses one of the ads loading. So consequently if there are 4 ads on a page, i usually have to click back button 4 times before the page really goes back.

Is there any way around this without completely getting rid of spyware blocking. It would be nice to seperate the spyware list and the ad list to two seperate lists so that i could just enable the ads and be able to click back button once.

Please advise if you know a way around.