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    I've placed the bug back into "bugscrub" which means we'll review it in our next regularly scheduled bugscrub meeting.

    Big Frickin Disclaimer:
    While I'm pretty sure, I can't guarantee that I know what I'm doing. There might be a better way to do this, and this way might actually suck. Make sure you understand the implications of what you're doing before trying to follow these directions.

    It often helps troubleshooting if you have a good network map. Look here if you want my advice on how to draw one.
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    I don't have the free Virus Blocker installed - only the Kaspersky module and I have no problems downloading with Microsoft's Download Manager or Adobe.

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    The protocol control module causes a UVM reset when you power cycle the thing. While the UVM is reset, all filtration is disabled. During this time, the download manager can connect and once connected it works fine.

    If you power off all modules and wait for 5 min then test, it doesn't work. If I stop the UVM service and try again it works fine. So something in the UVM is causing this, but nothing is directly blocking it. It's the same symptoms I've reported going back to 5.1.

    Bypass rules work! So what I do is bypass my PC when I need to startup the download then disable the bypass rule as soon as the download is going. It's a pain but it works.
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    Might I suggest a possible solution that would enable us to keep HTTP resume disabled generally so that Untangle can perform virus scanning but still allows us to do multi-threaded downloads as necessary? Provide us with a pass list for the http resume feature - then we can add a few sites like microsoft, adobe, and dell to the list...

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