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    Default Command Center and SD-WAN Router Updates

    We are excited to announce new enhancements to SD-WAN Router and Command Center. Updates include an extended partnership with leading antivirus provider, Bitdefender, along with new SD-WAN orchestration capabilities to further protect and seamlessly manage your network from the gateway to the edge, from a single pane of glass.

    Key highlights in this release include:
    • Command Center integration with Bitdefender, a global leading endpoint protection provider.
    • SD-WAN Router certification from Verizon as the LTE provider on the SD-WAN Router e6wl appliance.
    • SD-WAN Orchestration in Command Center allowing administrators to create networks, add appliances, and build, save and push WAN rules to multiple SD-WAN Routers.

    See the changelogs for a full list of changes in SD-WAN Router and Command Center.

    Join the upcoming webinar on August 6 at 10 AM PT for an in-depth look at these new features and functionality.

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    Brian will be presenting about the recent updates to SD-WAN Router and Command Center, and giving a demo for how to use the NEW SD-WAN feature in Command Center. Brian also likes taking live technical questions! So come on over and join the conversation.

    Join the webinar.

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