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    Exclamation Two-Factor Authentication Issue

    Hi, everybody!

    You may have noticed that your ETM Dashboard login doesn't require two-factor authentication at the moment. This is because the provider who sends those emails is having an outage, so 2FA emails are not being sent out. In response, we took the decision to temporarily override 2FA requirements so you're able to log into your ETMD account.

    Please do not disable 2FA on those accounts! Our change is an override, not a disabling of the setting: as soon as the provider's service is restored, we will cancel our override and your existing settings will take effect immediately.

    At the time of this posting — 16:10 Eastern or 13:10 Pacific — there is no projected time of resolution. We're in contact with the provider and as soon as we can get things back to normal, we will!

    Edit: As of 13:28 PDT, it appears that some 2FA emails may be sending out. They were queued from earlier verification requests, so they should be considered expired and deleted.

    Final edit: As of 06:20 PDT, the issue has been resolved and we have re-enabled 2FA authentication for everyone.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!
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