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    We keep our wireless on a separate subnet from the wired network. We also have other subnets to separate the student connections in the dorms and labs from the administrative networks. The reasoning here isn't just security, but also performance - it limits the broadcast domains to reasonable sizes. This is especially important for the wireless. You don't want all of your access points transmitting a new set of broadcasts packets every time someone on the administration side starts up their computer and asks for an IP address. You can really kill wireless throughput that way.

    Once you've done this, you can set up capture rules in the captive portal that only target student machines and leave your university-owned computers alone.

    I tried the "log and nuke" approach myself in the way you described, and it doesn't work. The problem is that the port selection is essentially random, so blocking ports after the fact doesn't really help you. What some schools have done is block the entire range of ports >1024, and then make students ask you to open specific ports for games, instant messaging, etc, but imo that's just annoying both for the students and yourself.
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