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    Default Blocking Internet Exploer?

    Is there any way to block Internet Explorer (in order to get users to use FF or Chrome)?

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    No, there is no magic that figures out what browser is used to access web content. All untangle sees is a network request for web content, it doesn't care what it's from.
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    You could use "HTTP: Client User Agent" to match clients recently using IE. It may not be perfect because some background tasks may use HTTP through IE though not visible to the user.
    I would use "HTTP: Client User Agent" = "*MSIE*" and "Destination Port = 80" and add capture rules in captive portal and display a warning page about using IE or something. "I accept that I will switch to a real browser"

    You could also just put them on a separate and do all sorts of crazy stuff, including just making their traffic really slow or just blocking them.

    User Agent String is documented here:
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