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    Default Client IP Address??

    I have recently been having issues with some uploads almost completely choking my internet (download). Today, I looked at "Application Control Lite". One of the client IP addresses listed does not seem to exist on my network. At least I cannot Ping it. It shows this IP address used the Protocol "Jabber (XMPP)". The server IP address listed is Google Hangouts. Does this mean someone on my network was using Google Hangouts?

    Another IP address listed is my network server. It shows it has used the Protocol "AIM". I don't think anyone else at our business has the password to the server so I don't think this activity came from the server. The "server" IP address listed is listed in Network, External Interface as my Primary Server. Does this mean anything?

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    Client IP address doesn't mean it's an internal IP. It means it's the IP that originated the session.
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