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    Default Blocking the app KIK

    Is there a way, using Untangle, to block the mobile app KIK on our wifi? I've found it uses standard xmpp ports, so blocking that directly is a no go as I cant kill some of our other services that rely on those.

    I noticed it's not listed in application control, and I'm not sure if it's possible to add new apps there or even how one would go about it.

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    The rules tab allows custom made conditions to block traffic. Use the session viewer to view the KIK traffic and see if there is something unique about the sessions to identify them. I would create a rule based on port and destination address range. A more risky rule is too block traffic which is only classified as XMPP. Similar to the existing rule for Ultrasurf.
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    The first step is to analyze the traffic. Install the app on a device with a known IP address, put that device into a rack that logs practically everything, and use the app for a few hours. Then go back and check the logs the next day. Even if the main communication happens directly device-device over standard ports, you'll almost certainly find there is a central service broker somewhere that the devices use for authentication or discovery. Block that, and the app won't work. But again, the way to find it is to analyze the traffic of the app in the course of normal use.
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