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For clarification I am not asking for any features, Being new and really liking the Untangle I was asking if the capability exist or not. And basically I was challenged on it and I explain my reasoning. Then came the gauntlet of remarks with some getting personal. I am good with exporting doing a find and replace, and re-importing to adjustments to opening and tagging.

From a security perspective, and all the CISSP, CASP etc....training I have been through, best practices are to give the lease amount of privilege for the task that is needed and justify and documenting if you more is required, vs opening everything and trying to untangle the mess on how access is being distribute.

No worries, was just looking for away to automate and simply.....lol
To wrap this thread up. No we had to remove all "check all" functionality as it made wild misconfiguration too easy to accomplish. We don't want to make misconfiguration easy as it makes people have a bad experience with Untangle. This is bad for the user, bad for us, bad for the support team, and even worse when they go on to tell their friends "Untangle didn't work on my network" instead of "I wildly misconfigured Untangle and it blocked lots of stuff exactly like I configured it to so I had to remove it because I believe that misconfiguring it is the proper thing to do."

That said, If you know what you are doing and are prepared to deal with the issues and headaches, just edit the json settings file. For experienced IT people this task is pretty trivial as it just requires SSH and proficiency in any text editor. Then use reports to troubleshoot and adjust settings and repeat as necessary.

Closing the thread because its gone seriously off the rails.