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    Default Quota limit on application

    Hello, could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. I am in Application Control/Rules. I am trying to say "After xx MB of Netflix, stop on the selected user".

    The following syntax works to block Netflix for that particular user:

    Application Control: Protochain =>*/NETFLXVD * Username =>PCHome

    The syntax above blocks Netflix on the "PCHome". Now this PCHome user has a quota in Users (1 GB). I want to limit it to 50% so I have the following syntax:

    Application Control: Protochain =>*/NETFLXVD * Username =>PCHome * User Quota Attainment = 0.5

    It's not working....the quota goes below the limit and Netflix still works. Which parameters should I set in the rule?

    Help very much appreciated. Thank you

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    Can you post a screenshot of your rule?

    Does it literally say = ".5" ? If so, that rule is only going to hit when the quota attainment is exactly .5
    You probably mean >.5
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