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  1. Unable to Delete Custom Report
  2. ANDing SQL Conditions for Custom Reports
  3. Report filters - time period has no effect
  4. Application Control and Web Filter reporting queries about data visibility
  5. Reports for Parental Controls - to the minute dashboards
  6. DHCP Leases Report for Dashboard
  7. A Simple Reporting Ask
  8. Web Filter - Reports - All Searches -- shows each character typed vs. actual search
  9. Looking for meaning of the Filter Prefix items.
  10. Scale on the side of graphs is often misleading
  11. Report Export Suggestion
  12. Is it wrong to use usernames on devices?
  13. Report Selection Conditions broken in version 15
  14. Looking for ideas on how to improve daily reports
  15. Report Exports Broken in v15?
  16. OpenVPN Connection Reports
  17. Custom report advanced SQL query
  18. Error on several reports since upgrade to 15.0.
  19. Reports to Non-subscribing User
  20. Reports Users Cannot Query Database Error
  21. Dashboard error- can't read "indexOf" or "undefined is not an object . . ."
  22. All Search Events (and other search reports) BLANK
  23. Sanity Check - Data Usage by Interface
  24. Web Filter reporting error with Blocked Web Events/Flagged Web Events
  25. All reports with EVENTS are blank
  26. Tabular report of number of sessions to server addresses
  27. Simple Speed Test Report
  28. new to untangle: json files - WTF and all reports show no data
  29. Reports not rendered in Chrome
  30. Add a new column to IPS report
  31. Prior report data lost after reboot
  32. Data Retention settings not working
  33. Exception! Cannot read property 'list' of null / Empty Dashboard Boxes
  34. devices added to the network
  35. Web Monitor - Top Categoris Issue
  36. Total monthly WAN usage
  37. offset in reports Since dropdown selector
  38. Multiple domains in a report
  39. Reporting by IP range
  40. Daily Reports coming at wrong time
  41. no rule descriptions
  42. Web Filter Report Issue
  43. Firewall reports - events
  44. Notification on WAN data usage
  45. Bandwidth usage reporting
  46. Export to CSV appears to be broken in 14.2.0 (latest version)
  47. Daily report issues.
  48. no events displaying
  49. Set delivery time for report mails
  50. Reports User for Parent
  51. email logs
  52. Unsure how to create a report for FTP traffic
  53. ipsec report tunnel traffic monthly
  54. Daily reports via email now corrupt
  55. Report of specific devices per day
  56. Breaking the involuntary stream of "Appliance Settings Updated" emails
  57. Help with monitoring dual wan link drops
  58. Creating custom report to filter out multiple web categories issue
  59. Why do openvpn connection events take so long to display?
  60. Query for multiple values
  61. Reports Bug???
  62. Education (UK) reports for KCSiE
  63. Wiped out all the default reports when importing
  64. Multiple bandwidth reports each with own timeline
  65. No Longer Receiving Daily Reports after Upgrade to Version 14
  66. Bandwidth by IP or MAC address
  67. Reporting Question Retention
  68. Reporting Question
  69. Report if specific IP connects to the network.
  70. Low space in disk
  71. Email Report Templates
  72. IP Address not Hostname showing up on reports for some devices
  73. Reports Are Resetting at 12:00PM and after Reboots?
  74. Can we do this with untangle reporting?
  75. Help creating new dynamic graph
  76. How to view usage for a specific host?
  77. External Interface uptime
  78. Graph interval
  79. email reports not sending
  80. Web Filter Report Per User/Host
  81. Reports Backup - No data is being backed up
  82. Untangle's of mail relays got on a blacklist
  83. Data backup
  84. Username shows on default report, but not on exported report
  85. save as new report over write previous save as
  86. Network Summary on daily report
  87. Reports and MAC addressing
  88. SQL Conditions Question
  89. Viewing IPv6 devices
  90. Reports for Trial Version Apps
  91. Emailed daily reports contain almost no info
  92. Custom report Network, Top client by size
  93. Admin Login Events empty
  94. Bunch of missing reports on the Dashboard
  95. Linksys 1900ACS with UT 13.1 firmware Log Retention
  96. Reports JsonRPC Error (Other Database Issues)
  97. Admin login events dot not trigger email alert. What am I possibly doing wrong
  98. Unable to View Some Reports Using [untangle ip]/reports
  99. Report for monthly data usage
  100. Reports not emailed after the 13.1 update
  101. Event Lists Cannot be E-mailed
  102. Country codes XL and XU
  103. Missing graphs and data
  104. Reverse DNS In Reports Broken?
  105. Problem on dashboard widget after updating to v13.1
  106. Known Devices / New Devices
  107. Problems creating a custom report on V13
  108. Email Template - Unable to select "Web Filter | All Serch Events"
  109. 1900 ACS Reports downloads
  110. Central Reports Server
  111. SQL Error When Customizing Report
  112. Free disk space without dropping entire reports tables?
  113. name map
  114. Top Hostnames Usage
  115. Report EmailTemplate editor not working
  116. All sessions blocked by filter rules report shows server port of 201 almost always
  117. Application Lite report is not working after update to V13
  118. Version 13 Syslog info
  119. Unable to save report after upgrading to version 13
  120. Attempting to create a new report in version 13
  121. Report hang some time
  122. Need help to modifie SSL sessions scanned
  123. Configure report to email web data usage per user
  124. Saving custom report bug v13.0
  125. Wiki is outdated on Custom Reports?
  126. Table dropdown bug in
  127. See all client IPs & hostnames from prior month
  128. Quota for an interface?
  129. Month-to-Date Automatic Total Bandwidth in Bytes Reports
  130. Correlation between active_hosts and host_table_updates
  131. PostgreSQL Network Address Functions
  132. Syslog
  133. Untangle 13.0.0 Unable to set Data retention
  134. reports appears just 7 days
  135. Email reports, incorrect charts
  136. "not like" and "like" operators only work for hostname condition in network reports
  137. Bug in network bandwidth usage, still? v12.2.1
  138. No size/bandwidth info showing for https traffic
  139. How to find real bandwidth being used
  140. Network Error Report
  141. 7 day dashboard reports.
  142. Reports showing very old names for devices
  143. Bypass in Network Report vs Session Report
  144. Disk usage constantly filling up
  145. Bug with Network * Interface Usage full day dashboard graph
  146. restricting daily report time range to certain hours
  147. Email Templates / Unique Query Settings?
  148. Alert mail when untangle server restart
  149. Bug fund in condition Web filter
  150. Manage Reports Tab
  151. Help locating the "email tab" to setup custom reports.
  152. Error: Cannot read property indexof ...
  153. SqlException
  154. Avg and Max results
  155. Want a report of Local Directory
  156. Server update reports
  157. How to stop emails of "Daily Report Summary"
  158. Rollup Reports?
  159. How to tell how many people exceed their quota on a daily basis
  160. "Not Installed" on all App categories, even if they're installed
  161. Creating alert rules
  162. Top 20-30 hostnames/user doing facebook
  163. Shield Blocked 1 user only on network every so often
  164. How does server determine gigabytes passed in daily summary?
  165. Disk out of space, ran script to delete report data, now Untangle box gets sql errors
  166. NG v12.1 no Generation tab anymore?
  167. Report Details Missing
  168. Would you agree that a search functionin reports could be really useful?
  169. Change bytes to Gig in Top Aplications (by size)
  170. Error in date and time in Current Session
  171. I might have done a silly thing! * Report Errors *
  172. Recover old deleted reports
  173. Set timestamp format
  174. Daily reports become "empty" with no data
  175. Reports on default build not working.....
  176. Daily report summary sending duplicate email
  177. Report exports and filters
  178. How to amend link in the daily report
  179. How to view report data such as Top 10 users, Top 10 sites etc?
  180. Email Exported Report Weekly
  181. Google Drive Reports backups staying on hard drive
  182. Daily Reports Questions
  183. Report
  184. Can't open reports page - error with template/skin
  185. Report of IP and mac address on a specific time range
  186. Hostname resolution in Hosts Viewer and Top Hostnames report
  187. How to setup alert rule for Intusion Prevention
  188. Is the "View Events" button in Reports supposed to filter events for current view
  189. Static Filters and email (V12.01)
  190. Custom Alert not working?
  191. Sub domain by country is bad
  192. Disable Daily Report
  193. Report internet usage period
  194. Custom Reports
  195. Sending only monthly reports
  196. WAN disconnect
  197. How to get reports to show AD name and not IP?
  198. Captive Portal Reports
  199. Alert many SSH/RDP sessions, how to block IP
  200. Dashboard widgets and custom reports
  201. Documentation on Time Graph Dynamic custom reports?
  202. Alert for Scanned SMTP sessions
  203. Daily Email report is duplicated
  204. Onlione Access to Reports uses Internal IP, not External.
  205. Untangle v12.0 Reports not being sent at specified time.
  206. Reports autofill feature for column select broke in 12.0
  207. What is the best and easiest report to see what is taking all the bandwidth
  208. Name Map not showing even on reports after being set
  209. Cloud Report
  210. Receving reports, not alerts
  211. Email Alert for Packet lost or High latency
  212. Report help
  213. Avoid refreshing reports data until I ask
  214. End of automated/PDF reports. Alternatives?
  215. reporting empty
  216. All reports Blank
  217. Wrong year on reports?
  218. Untangle e-mailed PDF reports are empty of data
  219. Report Bandwidth usage by the Hour?
  220. Condition for client IP address as entire subnet
  221. Report Conditions, operator for "not like" ?
  222. Can you bypass the log on certain items?
  223. Feature Request: Don't force "Flag" with "Block"
  224. Exporting old style reports
  225. Not Receiving Reports to Email
  226. Reports display "0" Captive Portal User Login Events in Report Summary
  227. New report format.
  228. Saving Columns Preferences
  229. Automatically emailing new reports / Limiting report data on a per-department basis
  230. Destination Ports; Blocked Ports?
  231. Name Mapping
  232. Interpreting unusual result
  233. Create alert for Spam Blocker (Lite) on scan failure
  234. Impressions of the New Reports: Missing Bytes/s - and customizable graphics?
  235. Translating Detailed Reports
  236. Alert for high bandwidth usage
  237. Spam Blocker Report
  238. Free Memory Alert doesn't seem to work right
  239. Reports Website that is being visited is not appearing on the daily reports?
  240. Report Incomplete (FW section)
  241. Units throughout Untangle
  242. Completed Spool file ... not found
  243. detailed reports
  244. Increasing the file size limit for email reports
  245. Summary report / event log block discrepancy
  246. Reports CSVs shorthand codes
  247. Spam / Phish Blocker reporting broken?
  248. Regarding alerts.
  249. Alerts for IPsec Tunnel?
  250. Logs sent by syslog missing some text when logger splits the message

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