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  1. Kid Friendly search check box
  2. Temporary Unblock Password Not Working
  3. ransomware cyber attack on its technology systems?
  4. Web Filter – SafeSearch
  5. Web filter invalid license
  6. Web Filter Categories resetting to defaults
  7. Web Filter Blocking One Drive?
  8. Problems with Nest Login?
  9. Sky Q and untangle
  10. Amazonaws Continues to be flagged
  11. DNS over HTTPS
  12. Don't flag some categories
  13. requestLine": "GET http://travelocity.tlnk.io
  14. URL matcher
  15. Web Filter Priority
  16. The weakness in the macOS...
  17. Site being blocking even though it's listed under Pass sites
  18. ¿Bloquear todas las páginas, menos una?
  19. web filter redirect to http insted to https
  20. Untangle block but zvelo says its ok
  21. Can't suggest a diferrent category anymore
  22. Sites with Multiple Categories
  23. Deeply customized rack (web filter) for students..but allow 2x laptops to YouTube
  24. Avantlink moved from being an ad/tracking site previously (which it is) ?
  25. starfield tech - malware site?
  26. My External Ip
  27. Convert Domain List To JSON
  28. Another Web Filter causing dashboard crash
  29. Web Filter causing dashboard crash
  30. Webfilter stops processing traffic randomly
  31. Accidentally Installed Web Filter on the wrong policy
  32. Web filter no longer blocks illegal streams from Kodi
  33. block facebook games
  34. Web filter category id mapping in postgresql
  35. Cisco can kiss my...
  36. New categories blocks ESXi server as "Gambling"
  37. Web Filter is broken
  38. Netflix after upgrade to 14.2
  39. Syntax for blocking top level domains in Web Filter
  40. web filter starts flagging everything "unknown", no web access
  41. What could be wrong with web filter
  42. Malware Distribution Point - False Positive?
  43. Youtube pre-roll and mid-roll ads
  44. Web filter not logging traffic to URL but is blocking it still
  45. Web Filtering for OpenVpn Clients
  46. Web Filter Blocking iCloud
  47. Imported list of sites for "Block Sites" disappears after clicking "Save"
  48. A sign there might be an issue with a box on the network.
  49. 14.2 beta possible bug?
  50. Some sites are blocked some are not
  51. cdninstagram been blocked
  52. Block sites are not blocked on Chromebooks
  53. Web Filter to monitor internal web server?
  54. Cert Issue or normal ?
  55. trk.vicible.tv alerts
  56. Web Filter Rule on works when Flag is set to true?
  57. Is pixel.adsafeprotected.com Safe
  58. Web Filter block site rule not working when URL ends in an image file extension
  59. Strict Whitelist
  60. something wrong with web filter "suggest new category" function
  61. Allow ads from Amazon when the device is a Tablet/Cell
  62. phishing/fraud categories
  63. MacBook Pro is generating events even when it's powered OFF
  64. Web Filter using UT's IP instead of Hostname
  65. Malware Distribution Site "http://dc.ct-scout.net/"
  66. Negative sessions on the Status tab?
  67. example.com
  68. DuckDuckGo Web Filter/All Query Events
  69. Definitive way to block Youtube video ads?
  70. can't display block page for SSL sites without SSL Inspector "Inspect All"
  71. Fallout 76
  72. Backup data aids Jones Eye Clinic in rebound from ransomware
  73. Allowing a specific youtube channel only
  74. Amazon FireTVs suddenly generating Phishing/Fraud emails
  75. Sky Q downloads being blocked
  76. Web filtering based on VLAN
  77. How to allow Facebook and not other social sites
  78. Restricted Google Domains
  79. No web filter lite?
  80. Zelo category list
  81. Is QUIC getting passing?
  82. Filtering HTTP on non-standard ports
  83. Mozilla Removes 23 Firefox Add-Ons That Snooped on Users
  84. Website Blocked for Users, but only a few have Access
  85. Dealing with sub Reddits
  86. Bitbucket.org not accessible through Untangle
  87. Pass Site Still being blocked by Web Filter
  88. Blocking a site
  89. DNS Service that is Device Oriented
  90. Chromecast Ultra
  91. Custom HTTP Port not added to the web-filter/blockpage
  92. Phishing/Fraud Activity - Too Many Instances
  93. IbVpN with webfilter having issue reaching the website
  94. Web Filter Clear Recent history ?
  95. LAN Wide Youtube Restricted Mode
  96. web filter is not blocking websites
  97. So many of you scoff at blocking misc....
  98. Block Chrome Notifications
  99. Block Domain but allow URL
  100. What happens when a website matches more than 1 category?
  101. PS Vue and Web Filter
  102. Web filtering by username on a Terminal Server
  103. tor sites
  104. Nested Web Filtering
  105. Web Filter out of control emails
  106. I could use some Google/Youtube help
  107. Temporary disable Webfilter with username/password
  108. Possible to filter country domain like .ru
  109. DNS categorization query alert
  110. Blocking site categories--proper setup
  111. Icloud being blocked
  112. Phishing/fraud Events - Adverts?
  113. 403 Forbidden
  114. Ransomware happens -- get over it and be prepared
  115. How to open website for selected users?
  116. Parental Control
  117. blocked site in webfilter show a ssl error but only if coming from a search engine
  118. Blocked site in webfilter displays Your connection is not private instead of block
  119. Blocking foreign URLs
  120. Blocking Favicon requests to local website
  121. Error after Update
  122. How good is untangle's categorization?
  123. Blocked Web Events - view corresponding rule?
  124. Cryptocurrency Category
  125. Web filter over Internet
  126. Blank User in Web Filter Reports
  127. Surfright being flagged as phishing and compromised.
  128. Map Distribution
  129. Introduction to Mix Networks and Anonymous Communication Networks
  130. Web Filter - not blocking sites
  131. Blocking url requests from webcams
  132. Always pass Nick Jr. Disney Jr. PBS Kids
  133. File Type Blocking broken since Update?
  134. Allow Specific YouTube Channel
  135. Feature Request for multiple policies
  136. Miscategorization
  137. CDN's
  138. Web Filter false positives today?
  139. Google Translator bypasses web filter
  140. Twitter iPhone no access
  141. na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com a phishing/fraud?
  142. Website URL list to Json format ?
  143. Blocking Betternet, UPDATED solution
  144. Web Filte Rules
  145. Block Domain/Allow Sub Domain
  146. your session has expired.....
  147. Webfilter working but reports showing zero data
  148. Web filter blocking during trial
  149. Odd Scenario
  150. Temp Unblock with Password
  151. Phishing/Fraud website visit blocked:dbrsupportportal dellbackupandrecovery
  152. Site look up category not found in Categories tab
  153. Web Filter Category - Export/Import
  154. Multistage filtering, warn but dont block
  155. allow specified URL group after quota exceed
  156. Untangle blocking my mail server
  157. Amazonaws download problem
  158. User has Exceeded quota missing
  159. Web filter - miss-categorization... again!
  160. Blocking Punycode Phishing sites
  161. Wannacry ransomware domain kill switch is blocked, that is wrong
  162. Alert - A DNS Server respond slowly ...
  163. URI pattern matching
  164. Sites categorised incorrectly
  165. Email Tracking Pixels Used for Pre-Hack Info Gathering
  166. Please help "The Isle" game is being blocked
  167. trouble at Wix.com and parastorage.com? Web Filter says so
  168. Safe Search Severe Problem With Google
  169. ShareThis
  170. ctldl.windowsupdate.com
  171. YouTube Restricted Mode
  172. Malware Alert but site seems to okay
  173. Blocking Facebook and Whatsapp Videos on respective mobile apps
  174. Full URL When Client uses 443?
  175. block google game sites
  176. Does anyone have T-Mobile wifi calling?
  177. Web filter categorisation anomalies?
  178. Penthouse.com categorized as news
  179. Web Filter Dies
  180. Home User Web Filtering Best Practice - Is this possible?
  181. Mobile Policy enforcement
  182. www.google.com - blocked as Anonymizer
  183. Editing Pass list
  184. temporary unblock password fail after upgrade to 12.2 with the chrome browser
  185. Webfilter Alert message
  186. Blocked Site
  187. Android Mobile Chrome "bypassing" Web Filter?
  188. Windows 10/2016 Telemetry Blocking Web Filter
  189. Find info on reason for categorisation?
  190. Sites being blocked due to blocked file type in URL
  191. UK Education based filtering
  192. Web filtering and licensing
  193. Blocking Betternet, potential solution
  194. www.adp.com blocked
  195. Allow a blocked website during certain time.
  196. Unblock Youtube Videos using video code?
  197. Users getting put into Default Rack
  198. API Intel Critical Stack
  199. Youtube not being blocked in certain instance
  200. Opening Xyz.com only for specific user
  201. ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID unless SSL Inspector is enabled
  202. NVIDIA Adds Telemetry to Latest Drivers; Here's How to Disable It
  203. Forced Safe Search - Which level of YouTube Restricted?
  204. Users getting Untangle certificate when browsing some https websites
  205. General APP Settings To prevent Bit Torrents and RIAA problems
  206. Website listed as having malware
  207. WebFilterDecisionEngine] <> WARN Could not get day key
  208. if you have allowed a site can you block a specific page on that site
  209. Time Spent on the sites
  210. List of accessed urls by host or ip
  211. Ubi Soft client display NA in host wont to allow through buy NA seems vague to unbloc
  212. Web Filter by Word Score and Threshold?
  213. Can Untangle send email alerts when traffic is blocked?
  214. Captive Portal and Rack Question.
  215. blocking youtube app on ipad
  216. NEW entries in blocklist NOT being filtered in v12.1x
  217. Upgrade 11x to 12.1 blocked sites
  218. Home use - shared computer with different policies by user
  219. Quotas for a specific site
  220. Whitelisting a site for a single user
  221. Stats on Web Filter don't correspond with Bandwidth Control
  222. Web filter Blocking eBay as Malware?
  223. Blocking pokemon GO
  224. Block Ultrasurf Chrome Extension
  225. Web filtering for remote locaton
  226. Blocking user & pop up on users device
  227. gotomeeting not connecting
  228. menus are being blocked
  229. Internal website being blocked as "parked"
  230. Help with blocking specific web site
  231. Blocking online stored pictures
  232. Web Event: Help me understand blocked report
  233. What DNS does support "categorization queries" so I dont get alerts anymore
  234. how can I tell what client is using all the Tx upload
  235. Why is my sons iPad trying to goto captive.apple.com on my wifi when no other iPad is
  236. Lego video application I want to allow youtube but only from that app can you ?
  237. Block page with no image
  238. Blocking Google Images, Videos while keeping Google Web search itself.
  239. Viewing Web Filter reports/events change default setting?
  240. $1000 for web filter and allowing bypass makes it for naught
  241. What is best way to tarpit Facebook Chat without affecting getting to Facebook pages?
  242. Block the Browsec VPN extension for Chrome
  243. AMTSO Test Page
  244. Web Filter 11.2.1 No Events?
  245. Dropbox being blocked
  246. Block all Website Except GMAIL
  247. Sync web filter settings between Untangles
  248. Sessions Error
  249. mobile devices report no internet
  250. Allowing Wordpress / Java Scripts

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