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  1. WAN Balancing Woes - Multi Wan not combining internet speeds
  2. WAN Balancer rules not being recognized
  3. A way to disable sticky-ness (or add exclusions to it)
  4. Slow upload speed
  5. I think I found a way to route by application type using the WAN Balancer
  6. WAN Balancer keeps applying balancing even after disabling or installing
  7. Is there a way to track what host are using which lan?
  8. No traffic on WAN2 PPPOE connections
  9. How can I use application type on WAN Balancer?
  10. Dual Wan question
  11. struggling with WAN balancing
  12. WAN Balancer Not Balanced
  13. Time based wan balancer traffic allocation
  14. I can not get internet access if I active multiwan with wan balancer
  15. WAN Balancer - 1 connection slows, reset WAN Balancer fixes temporarily
  16. Can the WAN balancer route traffic out WAN1 if 100% traffic is allocated to WAN2 if..
  17. WAN Balancer weirdness with Webroot SecureAnywhere
  18. WAN Balancer along with port forwards
  19. Lesson Learned
  20. WAN Balancer Not working properly
  21. WAN Balancer Best Practice
  22. Wan Balancer in bridged mode
  23. WAN Balancer should have LITE version
  24. Ordered a 4g+ modem 50GB as secondary wan
  25. Wan failover failed
  26. WAN Balancer causing slow Internet connections
  27. WAN Balancer Problem with DNS
  28. WAN Balancer - out of balance
  29. Balancing 5 WANS so one is primary
  30. WAN Balancer Breaks Inbound/Outbound Connections
  31. How to calculate the optimum Traffic Allocation settings?
  32. Running Untangle 9.4.2 - Will WAN Balancer work?
  33. To Balance or not to Balance
  34. Specific VoiP and Data Load Balancing Questions
  35. Okay to set 1 WAN to 0% & the other to 100%?
  36. Ad Blocker vs. eBay
  37. DNS Look up failed?
  38. Latest Upgrade Broke WAN Balancer
  39. Random Web Pages Not Loading
  40. Internet traffic not working when routing through newly added WAN
  41. Route streaming media out secondary wan?
  42. Wan Balancer Rules stopped working on 2nd interface.
  43. WAN Balancer + WAN Failover Routing Issues
  44. Untangle 10.0
  45. Adding a secondary WAN, do I need to force all traffic to use one?
  46. WAN Balancer with public servers on DMZ
  47. WAN Balancer and E-Mail problems
  48. ayuda con wan balancer
  49. Multiple Connections to the same server
  50. One Interface for Downloads, another for Upload? Possible: Yes/No?
  51. Email needs to go out over T-1
  52. Adding Additional Router Issues
  53. Application stopped working
  54. WAN Balancer for 2 MPLS Link
  55. 4 Connections
  56. 9.3?
  57. Vimeo Issues
  58. Wan Failover/Balancer required network cards?
  59. setting up WAN Balancer
  60. Mrtg
  61. Source Routing?
  62. Dual wan setup questions
  63. WAN Balancer sending most traffic to my slow connection
  64. WAN Balancer not doing anything?
  65. No Sessions on DMZ interface after 9.2.1 upgrade
  66. bug in WAN Balancer reports?
  67. WAN Balancer and E-Mail problems
  68. WAN balance sessions radically different.
  69. session tracking web sites..
  70. Wan Balancer, Source Routing, Subnets
  71. how to configure 2 ADSL connection?
  72. Is this doable?
  73. Wan Balancer Decided to stop working
  74. https connections slow or fail
  75. redirect web page through the same wan
  76. 9.01 Breaks Balancer
  77. Routing backup traffic
  78. WAN Balancer Blocks all connections
  79. Dual Wan, Source Routing, Voip
  80. Balancing algorithms
  81. Source routing?
  82. WAN Balancer not balancing...
  83. Need to uninstall trial WAN Balancer!!
  84. After outage all traffic still sent by second connection
  85. Help me check my setup.
  86. questions for upgrading to two WAN setup
  87. Connection timeouts after I enable WAN Balancer
  88. Source routing for Aliased internal subnet
  89. WAN Balancer Performance - ftp, https etc
  90. Domain-based destination routing?
  91. Looking at WAN Balancer as part of potential bandwidth upgrade
  92. Problem transferring licenses
  93. Untangle Update broke Wan Balancer
  94. Source based routing via ports
  95. WAN Balancer/OpenVPN on 3 DSL-Lines
  96. Wan Balanced with OpenVPN end points
  97. Source Routing not working
  98. WAN Balancer only sending traffic through one connection!
  99. Wan Balance with one NIC in Bridge Mode
  100. How does this work
  101. Outbound VPN and Session Persistence Problems
  102. Port based source routing?
  103. All traffic through 1 interface but both show up and running.
  104. Bypass issues with WAN Balancer
  105. Wan balancer and connections
  106. Testing Wan Balancer Performance
  107. Problem forwarding port 80 on 2 balanced interfaces
  108. Bypass Rules with WAN Balancer
  109. NAT issue with WAN Balancer
  110. WAN2 (DMZ) no PPTP bypass
  111. WAN Balancer breaks inbound sessions
  112. WAN Balancer not working
  113. Can't get WAN Balancer to work
  114. Skype to PBX server and WAN Balancer
  115. 3 wan connections 1 internal connection
  116. 2 dyndns
  117. Licensing - # users?
  118. Static Route?
  119. Price comparision with Fortigate 110C, which cost about USD5500
  120. Load balancer not working
  121. unable to get WAN balancer working :(
  122. WAN Balancer 6.2 patch
  123. Static-IP outbound or service bind to WAN?
  124. FTP Problems w/ Dual WAN
  125. WAN Balancer and authentication session timeout

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