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  1. Why is the UI so dated on Untangle?
  2. can't post images easily
  3. The Power of Threat Prevention and Spam Blocker!!
  4. Reports filter in hiding
  5. DNS bypaased
  6. needed a reboot.
  7. 15.1 - Netflow Export Broken?
  8. Untangle 15.1.0 download?
  9. Missing Critical Security Updates
  10. Poor form accounts team, really poor!
  11. Wiki Link busticated
  12. Documentation: Wiki - dynamic DNS
  13. Add additional management pages
  14. Untangle may collect your phone number, calling-party number, time and date of....
  15. Git hub repos moved to private?
  16. Access to NGFW GUI admin page from all subnets?
  17. PPPOE manual disconnect/reconnect and stats
  18. request - Ping Graph ?
  19. Alert Email Processing
  20. frozen
  21. Where is Untangle 15 Intrusion Prevention log Block Button?
  22. doh, when you're looking at your rspamd history...
  23. SD-WAN Router vs Meraki Go
  24. Command Center's Billing Info tab needs some polish
  25. Another new forum request
  26. UI bug with more than 5 interfaces
  27. New Forum request
  28. OpenVPN app - quirk & feature request
  29. FR: Encrypted DNS
  30. FR: QUIC protocol support
  31. The future of Web Filtering
  32. Wireguard Module
  33. SIEM and Untangle
  34. Hyper-V bug in Kernel 4.9
  35. Netmon enabled & misconfigured?
  36. Captive Portal (Free Apps) idea/request
  37. DHCP leakage internally?
  38. Typo in Web Filter
  39. Configuration: Email
  40. Reports; sned email
  41. Untangle Command Center
  42. IPS reports not showing rules, signatures, classtypes, categories
  43. Feedback for Home Use
  44. Malware using SSL protected DNS in the wild
  45. Email report bug
  46. Cloud Rule Library
  47. Yes! A deal? But no?
  48. Is sharing reports possible?
  49. Web filter default block page
  50. Bufferbloat: beyond research
  51. Updates to firewall - and Mobile for HomePro
  52. Dashboard - Network Layout - Cut Off
  53. "All Tags" View
  54. Too Many Notifications- No Clear Way To Turn Off
  55. Clean up "latest forum news"
  56. Delete Policy - UI is annoying
  57. Feature request: Expose metrics so we can create our own dashboards (Grafana, for ex)
  58. Rather disappointed in "Live Support" during my trial period
  59. New install and many widgets are not working
  60. Resources widgets are different from the device itself compared to the command center
  61. aliases, please!!
  62. Custom Dashboard Widget
  63. pfSense vs Untangled feedback
  64. Dashboard and Reports Drill-down
  65. 14.1 / 14.0.1 bug - Access Rules - Destined Local
  66. Tapatalk forum error
  67. 12-device license
  68. Command Center Alert - HOW for firewall that goes down?
  69. Can't click Untangle menus on my shiny new touchscreen laptop
  70. The Sorry State of TLS Security in Enterprise Interception Appliances Report
  71. Well, I'm certified...
  72. Rack theme going away
  73. MS Office 2016 subscription problem
  74. SYSLOG Events and Event ID's
  75. Change username in forum?
  76. Report conditions limited to 3?
  77. Possible Custom Event Bug
  78. Untangle Mobile App?
  79. Scorecardresearch.com Blocked Web Filter events
  80. Command Center Shared with customer
  81. Requesting feedback regarding endpoint security integration
  82. Support changes?
  83. Interface still not working correctly with touch displays
  84. v14 - Unable to export report data as CSV.
  85. feature request: DNS over TLS
  86. Suggestion: IP Blacklist Subscription
  87. Suggestion for local upgrade facility
  88. Untangle router reboot because of FBI warning?
  89. Feature request mtr
  90. Overall Untangle Use
  91. any feedback on the whole VPNFilter thing?
  92. iOS or android app??
  93. bad image pre-loaded on Linksys WRT1900ACv2 from FlashRouters
  94. Website
  95. Any update on SIEM compatibility
  96. Symantec - Safe search
  97. Feature Request - OpenVPN Configuration
  98. Adding storage for logs or pointing to file/folder location
  99. Appliance Feature Request
  100. Automatic Fill
  101. Feature Request
  102. Good job.
  103. Notification?
  104. Naming Convention Confusion
  105. cake qos
  106. Difference in reported download speed between "Interface Usage" and "Bandwith Usage"
  107. [Feature Request] - Dashboard functionality - IT-3527
  108. please provide a appliance that looks like this
  109. Turris Omnia - Intrusion Prevention
  110. see the query when building reports
  111. email block top level domains
  112. Microsoft tackles Windows 10 privacy concerns with new data collection viewer
  113. different timeframes for dashboard widgets in 13.2
  114. Hosts Vs Devices
  115. Web Filter Feature Request
  116. Change to home license (resolved)
  117. New interface bug
  118. Meltdown & Spectre patches?
  119. Widgets reporting MB/s or bytes/sec are actually Mbits/s or bits/s
  120. Looks like I have been censored........ IP address Blocked by admin
  121. WHOIS for IP Addresses in Sessions Page
  122. Imap-proxy imap scanning
  123. ConnectWise Integration Revisit
  124. Empty Filter and Access Rules
  125. Licenses
  126. Web Filter blocked ..... and caught out the nephew spending on in-ap purchase!
  127. Feature Request: Vulnerability Scanner app in Rack
  128. mDNS Reflector feature request
  129. New Firefox can't click on tabs in Untangle Apps
  130. Category Blocks within App Control?
  131. Important feature for education
  132. Issue with Tags
  133. sFlow support?
  134. Failover Clustering support
  135. Kaby lake
  136. Command Center - Assigned To field
  137. New UI does not work well on chromebooks
  138. Daily Reports Email - Formatting issue
  139. dnsmasq
  140. Small screen problems
  141. export, please
  142. New Subscriptions Page
  143. Alert Events missing
  144. not NAT by default on new WAN NIC
  145. Interface configurations lost
  146. Command Center
  147. Bugzilla - bug.
  148. Custom Dynamic DNS or...
  149. Unable to Scroll on Config page
  150. Bug report in the Events module
  151. Week old ticket.
  152. Web reputation - is it supported by Untangle Web Filter application ???
  153. Cannot set up PPPoE on new installation of 13.1 on Linksys WRT1900ACS
  154. Unable to Drag Rules around
  155. ui lockup after editing alert event widget
  156. Collective malware scanning...
  157. Application category in firewall app
  158. request: IPS Tuning enhancements
  159. Ability to create multiple dashboards for different widgets??
  160. Add Discord to Application Control
  161. Virus Blocker Lite just blocked an apt-get from a debian box
  162. Interesting resource use changes after hardware upgrade
  163. Feature Client IP or Hostname more in Dashboards
  164. Support response time
  165. All hostnames lost
  166. use certbot to automatically get and renew SSL certificate
  167. Forward filter rules: Please add condition "Username"
  168. Option for offline installs
  169. small bug in dashboard "Network Layout" widget
  170. problem with session viewer sort by speed
  171. IPS Rules - Bulk Change by User Filter or Group
  172. IPSec
  173. More Branding Tools
  174. resizing of widgets on dashboard
  175. Reddit /msp
  176. Bandwidth measurement change/addition
  177. Global option to change reporting and graphs from bytes to bits
  178. Add condition in Bandwidth control
  179. Problem with Condition in Bandwidth control
  180. Apple password reset blocked
  181. Awesome new columns menu
  182. Aesthetic of Current Session windows
  183. Aesthetic of Current User windows
  184. Please add DuckDuckGo to "Enforce safe search" Web Filter option
  185. Request for application control
  186. Problem with Alerts in version 13
  187. problem with CIDR range
  188. Feature Request: Tag User in Bandwidth Control
  189. Information need Untangle V13 new current users
  190. So long and thanks for all the fish
  191. v13 Report Issue for Spam Blocker Lite and Virus Blocker Lite
  192. v13 Report Bug #2 for 6/23
  193. v13 6/23 UI Bug in Reports
  194. Feature Request: Release Notes link or detail on Upgrade page
  195. Support hours?
  196. Alert rule for penalty box event
  197. Feature Request: Outlook Integration for Quarantine
  198. Active hosts aren't active hosts if they're bypassed
  199. 13 letsencryp certs request
  200. Untangle v13 request
  201. IGMP Support.
  202. Please fix 13 for safari
  203. Serious concerns about the way Untangle tracks "active" devices
  204. Thank You
  205. Request: NTP
  206. Looking forward to greater IPv6 support
  207. NG FireWall v13.0 GUI issues
  208. General feedback - nice to haves
  209. errata edits
  210. wiki editorial touch-up
  211. Static Column Headers On Reports?
  212. Web Monitor & QUIC
  213. Error message: Exception message: Cannot read property 'style' of null
  214. Feature Request: Use Static DHCP Description in Reports instead of Hostname
  215. Feature Request: Easy parental controls
  216. Linksys WRT1900ACS - Missing Apps
  217. Dashboard widgets stop responding v12.2.1
  218. OpenVPN 3rd party tunnel support
  219. Some buttons on the forum have the same background and foreground color on hover
  220. proofreading
  221. The Security Impact of HTTPS Interception Report
  222. Linksys WRT1900ACS Not storing data after reboot
  223. Dashboard error message many times per day
  224. Sql injection in firewall reports
  225. Untangle Build for Linksys WRT1900ACS WiFi Router
  226. Feature Request: Filter for Application Control->Applications List
  227. mDNS Reflector
  228. Multiple Users for Command Center
  229. How would I troubleshoot memory related slowness / possible memory leak?
  230. Command Center
  231. Untangle on Azure?
  232. What’s the best Linux firewall distro of 2017? according to Techradar...
  233. Intrusion Protection (IPS)
  234. Suggestion - Cloud Management
  235. Home User Easymode?
  236. Feature Request - Web Filter - IWF & UK Government CTIRU
  237. Request: NUT UPS Monitoring Support in Untangle
  238. Untangle API
  239. Thanks Untangle got IT hero :)
  240. VRRP - the Untangle way
  241. More Descriptive Terms for Interface Type
  242. Indent VLAN's under Parent Interface
  243. Google Safe Browsing
  244. Automated Network Scanning Tools
  245. Difficulty deciding
  246. make the "Is VLAN (802.1q) Interface" checkbox always available and configurable
  247. Why I am here
  248. Iso md5?
  249. Feature Request: Search and Replace in web content
  250. Feature Request: Allow Time Rules in Rack Application Rules

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