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  1. Can I Deactivate Facebook Messenger?
  2. Application Control - But how to allow?
  3. Find client based on application use
  4. Some FACETIME traffic being incorrectly classified as WHATSAPP
  5. Try to user application for blocking Facebook for specific IPs
  6. Application Control no Disney + Entries ?
  7. Allow users access to blocked application?
  8. Monitor Minecraft traffic
  9. Application Control Changes for NGFW v15.0.0
  10. Application Control blocks Quake Champions Data Centers
  11. Application or web filtering blocks on TikTok mobile app
  12. Rules not working in application control but are in web filter
  13. Google Hangouts
  14. Is it possible to filter app from dashboard graph?
  15. Confusion Regarding Similar (?) Applications
  16. Nextcloud Being Blocked by 'non-HTTPs traffic' application control rule
  17. Host is using Bittorrent: Application Control identified Session
  18. Bug? Some rules not processed
  19. Can't block ProtonVPN
  20. Unable to block OpenVPN IOS app
  21. VPN and proxy issues
  22. Block all ports on firewall but allow whatsapp, facetime
  23. Block Youtube but not YoutubeTV?
  24. Application control not blocking port 53 that is not DNS
  25. TurboVPN Problem
  26. Verizon Smart Family blocked on student phones
  27. Possible bug? XVPN app control is blocking bing.com and google.com
  28. Blocking KODI Add-ons that facilitate illegal streaming
  29. Blocking Psiphon
  30. Not blocking, what am I missing here?
  31. False categorization for WhatsApp traffic
  32. Quota limit on application
  33. Blocking Windows Update and Microsoft Store
  34. block streaming devices such as firesticks
  35. Noob Questions, Choose All Applicaitons
  36. Too many Ultrasurf false positives
  37. How to Block Snapchat
  38. Everything in Application Control is categorized as TCP or UDP
  39. Cryptomining applications
  40. site blocked, but no indication
  41. Bittorrent detection events from unusual devices... time for a strategy change?
  42. Gom vpn
  43. Default block but whitelist certain apps and URLs?
  44. AWS - Workspaces
  45. Can't get CloudApp to Work Correctly
  46. iPad - Google Chrome = XVPN?
  47. How to stop 'Server event notifications'
  48. Blocking Betternet
  49. Throttling specific applications
  50. Blocking facebook app
  51. Difference between Application Control and Web Filter
  52. After Blocking BitTorrent Still user able to connect BitTorrent
  53. Unable to block Spotify App on a Mac-book
  54. New Application how to add?
  55. make a World of Warcraft filter
  56. Blocking Ransomware?
  57. PCoIP not being classified
  58. Feature Request: Daily allowance by application
  59. P2P Traffic flagged as SKYPE
  60. Feature Request: Export Application Control Settings
  61. "Streaming Media" Category Issues?
  62. Application Control Inheritance
  63. Ultrasurf Application Control. Probably needs some attention
  64. Access one pc to youtube
  65. AMAZONWS showing up as high usage application
  66. IP Ranges in rules.
  67. A rule to allow SKYPE app to a blocked user
  68. How does purchase works?
  69. Controlling Windows 10 upgrade downloads
  70. Unable to block Spotify App
  71. Bug in 12.1
  72. Application control only at certain times of the day
  73. Does creating an AC Rule allow the traffic to show up in Top Application Usage?
  74. Blocking Windows 10 Provisioned Apps
  75. Cant block Hotspot Shield VPN
  76. blocking of P2P traffic with custom rule not working
  77. It's interesting how many sites have heavily delayed loading...
  78. Blocking Internet Download Manager IDM
  79. Enabling Application Control breaks SSL!
  80. facebook videos not working
  81. Bandwidth control : create class of GMB
  82. Allow Facetime
  83. Not Working?!
  84. Is there a way to tarpit Apple iChat?
  85. Whatsapp
  86. block Internet download manager IDM
  87. Snapchat block not working for me
  88. Proposal: New ADS category
  89. Allow Google Apps for Work - Block Gmail Consumer < need help doing so with untangle
  90. Signatures Application Control
  91. Dropbox personal vs. business account
  92. XBOXLIVE Flagged Application - Track down?
  93. How do I add my PC to the 'Pass List' in Application Control
  94. Blocking the app KIK
  95. Anyone blocked all HTTP and HTTPS applications and only allowed some through?
  96. Priority of "Applications" tab vs. "Rules" tab
  97. Tarpitting Anonymous Chat Site Apps
  98. Blocking the messenger in the facebook website?
  99. Throttle?
  100. How to Allow for specific IP's
  101. blocking flash
  102. I want to block skype file transfer, but failed
  103. Application control blocking League of Legends.
  104. Blocking the Facebook
  105. Issues with blocking IP
  106. Which apps needs to be Tarpit?
  107. Blocking logmein
  108. Dns issue
  109. Remote Connections
  110. Site down
  111. Block https Facebook not working
  112. blocking Facebook video not working
  113. Help with Applciaiton control and policy manager to block facebook
  114. Unblocking Users
  115. LogMeIn
  116. Running both Application Control and Application Control Lite
  117. Application Control blocks email as bittorrent
  118. Application Control not recognising SSL sessions?
  119. Site not being passed correctly
  120. Netflix stream not blocked after upgrade
  121. Barracuda spam firewall management blocked
  122. Blocking the Facebook iPad App
  123. Why would an external web host be listed as a client in an Application Control Event?
  124. Dropbox 2
  125. Tool Bars
  126. Problem with "Tarpit all TCP port 443 HTTPS traffic without a valid certificate."
  127. Youtube SSL
  128. Blocking facebook using Application Control Rules not the Applications list
  129. Pando Filter blocks web pages
  130. [ASK]Cannot hear sound from Sky.FM
  131. Dropbox
  132. TOR blocked, but it still works
  133. hotspot sheild block HOW?
  134. Rule for range of IPs?
  135. Export Application settings
  136. youtube block not working
  137. Block all access for a specific user - Part II
  138. Application Control and Bittorrent info
  139. Blocking Google Play Music
  140. Advanced TOR
  141. Block all traffic from a specific user
  142. eDonkey/eMule peer-to-peer file sharing false positive?
  143. A way around the block?
  144. Application control not using the branded page
  145. Not working well for us
  146. youtube.com
  147. Not able to install AC
  148. Blocking ultrasurf
  149. Pinterest
  150. How Rules
  151. AC 'Event Log' filtered on 'Blocked Sessions' really slow
  152. Application Control & Skype
  153. Paid AC for both UT
  154. Facebook Block Bypassed, Kinda
  155. Application Control - Its official!

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