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  1. Threat Protection blocking a quad9.net DNS IP
  2. Barracuda Cloud Control - Email Security Gateway
  3. Blocked for Reason: Threat reputation No reputation
  4. Something changed this morning?
  5. Understanding the reports?
  6. Rules not evaluating properly after latest 3-19-20 release
  7. I had to shut this off- too many bounced emails
  8. Understanding what report is telling me
  9. Whats the difference between Threat Prevention and Web Filter
  10. Possible to buy just this app? (Home license)
  11. What is stopping threat prevention here?
  12. Rules Applying Improperly?
  13. Not ready for prime-time!
  14. CloudFlare blocked
  15. LetsEncrypt Servers Blocked
  16. How to report false positives?
  17. Default configuration - Working with Unifi Cloud integration
  18. Default configuration - Working with Connectwise and Solarwinds tools
  19. Default configuration of High Risk, blocks Uptime Robot HTTP and HTTPs montiors
  20. dns.google
  21. RE: Threat Prevention App
  22. Intended relationship between the Intrusion Prevention and Threat Prevention apps
  23. Application set-up

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