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    Default Convert Byte graph to Bit KB to kb and Mbps

    The new reporting is great. It allows us to now have reports that are in Mbps that are similar to the way our ISP reports this information:

    I know I posted under Bandwidth but you can access this via Reports as well. Once you are done with this process the report will show up in Reports and Bandwidth Reports.

    Navigate to Reports > Settings > Manage Reports tab you can select any report (by clicking the 'edit' magnifying glass, then you can create a copy by clicking the 'Copy Report' button located at the top of the report. From there you can modify the values of the report.

    Under the code the original code is:
    round(coalesce(sum(s2p_bytes + p2s_bytes), 0) / (1024*60*10),1) as total
    round(coalesce(sum(p2s_bytes), 0) / (1024*60*10),1) as sent
    round(coalesce(sum(s2p_bytes), 0) / (1024*60*10),1) as received

    To convert to bytes to bits and report as Mbps change the following:

    round(coalesce(sum(((s2p_bytes + p2s_bytes)*8)), 3) / (1000000*60*10),2) as total
    round(coalesce(sum((p2s_bytes*8)), 3) / (1000000*60*10),2) as sent
    round(coalesce(sum((s2p_bytes*8)), 3) / (1000000*60*10),2) as received

    Take the byte and covert it to a bit (bytes*8), round to three decimals, convert to Mb (1,000,000), then sec to 1 min, then 1 min to 10 min intervals.

    This is a 10 min interval report. If you want to change the intervals you will modify the time references to your desire. Also, don't forget to change the report name from "Copy" to your desired report name.

    This is nice to have the ability of making our own reports. NG gets better and better.

    Thank you NG team.
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    very cool! thanks for posting!
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