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    Default Prioritising a Webserver

    Hi all,

    I'm a network admin who has been using unTangle for a few years now and very happy with everything it can do.
    I've recently purchased the Bandwidth Control app and activated it, and whilst most of it is straightforward there's one thing I'm not sure of and want to check:

    In addition to all the other services I host a webserver inside my network. This is an HTTPS site and so is reached externally via a DNS tied to a static IP, which then follows a 1-to-1 NAT rule in my primary router and is directed through unTangle to the internal IP of the server hosting the site. The port throughout is 443.

    This all works fine, but is there a way to manage the bandwidth for people visiting that website?

    Specifically, I want to tell unTangle that all my users inside the network can have a certain priority of the available bandwidth, but any external IPs who are trying to visit that website on the hosted server should take priority.

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you currently have a rule for the source address of the web server in question to receive a high or very high priority there in Bandwidth Control?

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    Yes, just create two rules that describe the traffic you want to prioritize and the do "Set Priority" whatever priority you desire.

    Something like:
    if destination address == my web server set priority = high

    there is no need to prioritize traffic amount local networks, its not going across your WAN so it does not require shaping.
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