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    Default Strange filtering from bandwidth Control


    It seem that bandwidth Control have strange way to apply rules

    This is my rule set for bandwidth Control
    Bandwidth rules.JPG
    Has you see
    300021 is for APPLE application
    300033 is for Networking category
    300037 is for All other traffic

    Now see the result
    Application priority.JPG
    All APPLE application and Networking category be ignore and go directly to 300037 is for All other traffic

    See that strange result
    Application priority 2.JPG
    This is all Web Services category but rules are different some are 300030 Web Services, 300033 Networking and some goes to the end of rules 300037

    I have no explication for that result
    why the rule set don't fit with the category ?
    it is possible for a Application control to have more than one category form the same application or traffic ?
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    I'm not sure exactly what's going on here, but I do see several mistakes in the rules. Here are some examples:

    • Rule 300012. This is almost certainly just plain wrong.
    • Rule 300014, 300017 and 300018. It is a technical mistake to assign high priority to e-mail or ssh. Even though you value that traffic more, that's not what QoS does. QoS is about giving priority to traffic that is time sensitive to within fractions of a second. If any thing, e-mail and ssh should have reduced priority. Again, QoS is a technical setting, and should not be used to categorize traffic based on importance.
    • Rule 300033. This rule is redundant to rule 300037. There is logically never a situation where 300033 would be applicant that 300037 wouldn't be enough to handle this by itself. This may be why you're seeing some of your results.
    • Rule 300037. It's probably a mistake to limit all other traffic. This is gonna break anything that's time sensitive and not http. For example: facetime, skype, pandora, spotify, voip, netflix, youtube. All of those are time senstive and do not use http. From a QoS perspective, this is high importance traffic. Even if the opposite is true from a policy perspective, it's a mistake to limit them in this way.
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    Hi jcoehoorn

    First thanks to take time to analize my rules but the point is not there.
    And yes the rules 300012 it not suppose to be there but it there for test

    My 10M connection very tight for the use we made, than i have to priorize the traffic we need and use.

    For that Rule have to work as espect and it don't see to be the case

    Rule could work to way, limiting the know traffic or priorize know traffic, i my case priorize know .
    traffic is more appropriate

    Thanks for help but need rules to work as expeted.
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