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    Default VPN Tunnel not using QOS rules

    I have tried to get my OpenVPN tunnel to be de-prioritized, but not getting it to work.

    The OpenVPN setting on QOS Priorities does not seem to have an effect.

    I have tried tagging a client, setting a source interface, destination address, no matter what setting a capped speed of 50% does not work. My torrent keeps chugging along at the max set speed (120mb fiber limited to 114mb). This includes high, medium, etc.

    QoS does seem to work for other instances. Setting Medium to 50% will restrict it to 57mb as indicated when I download say Nvidia Drivers.

    It just seems that OpenVPN Tunnel is operating outside of QoS rules other than the MAX set speed (114mb as above). It is not being affected by priorities tagging.
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    What is you bandwidth control rule?
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