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    Skype, Teams, Skype for Business whatever you want to call it... the network stack on it is VERY robust.

    If you don't have clear calls, it's because the CPU on the unit you're using can't keep up with the encoding tasks. (happens a lot on older tablets)
    Or, your wifi sucks... (happens a lot on everything)
    Or, your Internet needs fixing (excessive jitter)

    Untangle isn't going to do you much good fixing any of these things.
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    My jitter/ping test got a consistent A+. Also just upgraded from my old SB6141 D3.0 modem to a SB8200 D3.1, although my internet package doesn’t call for it. So far, I’ve set each of the voice conf applications to HIGH priority in Bandwidth Control. HTTP/80 is set to High Priority. HTTPS/443 is not. DNS are bypassed as High Priority.
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