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    Default trying to have wifi users authenticated and pay for use

    i am trying to get wifi users at my store to have to pay for internet usage,

    i was thinking of being able to hand them out a code and password generated by some sort of a system that would only allow them to be on the net for a predefined time, like they pay for a hr then that is all there allowed...or if they only use 30 minutes of that hr then the other 30 minutes would be sitting there waiting on them, what would be the easiest way to do this with the untangle captive portal...any help would be greatly appreciated immensely ..

    i guess im trying to set up a hotspot but have untangle captive portal page be the front of the whole thing
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    You'll need a RADIUS based hotspot manager, the directory connector, and some patience.

    Or you can simply get one of the many hotspot management systems out there with an integrated portal and payment gateway, and put it behind Untangle.
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