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    Default Issues with transition from 12.0 to 12.1.0

    Two issues have come up since my UT automatically upgraded from v. 12.0 to v. 12.1.0 about two weeks ago.

    1) Frequently, the CP login page does not allow user login. Using basic login page with and without checkbox. Especially if checkbox is required, users are not authenticated and allowed access to internet. This problem arose after the upgrade to v 12.1.0, never happened before that.

    2) Usage reports (for example, pie charts) show numeric data on-line when mouse hovered over chart, but the numeric data does not print out when chart is downloaded and sent to printer. Only the pie chart, without any data, is printed. Used to print out with the data in v 12.0

    Considering re-installing v 12.0 but would prefer to know a fix for v 12.1.0


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    I would contact support in regards to #1 and have them take a look.
    Make sure you are on the latest version.
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