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    Default AD users autologon to Captive Portal

    Hey there.
    I have last day of try Directory Connector.
    I can see users on list.
    API script is installed on AD serwer and it's working - I did step by step as in manual.
    All I need to do is make users login automatically with they AD credentials.
    Now they needs to fill login and password fields manualy.
    After that I can see them on users list etc. which is great!
    What else I need to do to get this working?

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    Please don't use the script, use this:

    You don't really need CP at all for AD users, just have policy manager push AD authorized users into a rack that doesn't have a CP based on AD username, AD group name, or whatever else you want. But you do need to either deploy the monitor, or the login script so Untangle knows what IP is attached to what human.

    Or, you can add a flag to your capture rule and simple state, Directory Connector, User is in Domain, and use the IS NOT flag for your domain name. That way CP simply won't capture users on your domain, because they've already "logged in".
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