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    Quote Originally Posted by dmorris View Post

    Just tag the users in the user table. When they sign in with "" through captive portal they will appear in the user map. You can go in there and add a tag "6thgrade" tag for little jimmy. You can even set it to expire at the end of the year.
    This would apply the tag to all sessions regardless of where little jimmy logs in.

    That approach is less convenient for 1000s of students, but for 100 its probably not too bad.
    So you're saying just enter the users in the local Untangle "Local Directory"? I'm not sure where this "tagging" is you're referring to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YeOldeStonecat View Post
    So you're saying just enter the users in the local Untangle "Local Directory"? I'm not sure where this "tagging" is you're referring to.

    In "Users" which can be viewed in the upper right. This applies to all users, not just local directory users, so its not actually in local directory. In this case "dmorris" is "dmorris" it doesn't matter if i'm authenticated via local directory, AD, RADIUS, google, or whatever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YeOldeStonecat View Post
    A small school would like to start getting more granular with policies/racks. Right now, just "Staff" and "Student" racks, controlled by IPs. Small K-12 school, approx 65 students total.

    They wish to see if the following is possible.
    A rack for K through 5, with the strictest rules.
    A rack for grades 6,7,8, not as strict
    A rack for upper class...even less strict
    And a staff rack..of course no rules

    I also just put in a big Unifi system...switches and nano APs.
    They are thinking the captive portal with no password is one approach, as...the way this school is, soon as we change the "staff/production" wifi password, it's known. So we really need a way to capture all smart phones and force to a guest wlan, and with the laptops...they wish to separate to different rules as noted above.
    UniFi ROCKS! Good call on that!

    I'm inferring from the "Google Apps for Schools" comment you're using Chromebooks?

    Having grown from a school of about 75 to a school of 700 one of the easiest things to do for younger grades is use group accounts.
    So kindergarten has a login, 1st has a login, 2nd etc... up to whatever arbitrary age school admin says they can handle their own account.
    We do K - 3 on group accounts for each grade level, then switch to individual accounts for the upper grades. Those K-3 accounts are STRICT filtering, so it doesn't really matter if everyone and their dog knows the password, they don't get much.

    Then the individual accounts are managed in bulk in grade levels, 4-6 is a little more open, 7 - 12 is even more open.

    This worked well when we were primarily on Windows based laptops, but I'm having trouble on Chromebooks, and we only have 700 of those now...

    Using captive portal is awesome for staff & student BYOD devices and Windows clients, but I'm still having trouble with Untangle and Chromebooks., seamless sign in on captive portal, so there's only one login to the Chromebook, SSL filtering and a couple other things.

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