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    Default Windows computer won't authenticate with any oauth provider

    Hi. I have an iOS 12 device and a android device running Oreo and both will authenticate using oauth just fine. But for some reason my windows 10 computer won't authenticate with any provider. Do I need to have some specific configuration on my system or browsers because both edge nore chrome will work. All that it does is continuously resolve on ( and the Google one will say failed to resolve. This should not be a DNS issue because the devices on the LAN get the untangles IP/DNS server as DNS and my wan connectionis up.

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    I would open a support ticket.
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    When you say, won't authenticate what do you mean?

    Are you aware that there is a bug in Windows 10, such that if you click the obvious button in the lower right corner of the screen that the VPN client won't finish connection?

    Have you tried using the older icon in the control panel to connect? That's known to work when the new UI doesn't.

    More on what I'm talking about:
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