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    Default Emails from Sales

    Not sure where to post this. I've had no help from sales on this issue. I keep receiving emails from sales with a subject of "Your bill is ready to view". The email says that I have a bill to view and that I should log in and view it. Also in the email it says that the subscription it's referring to is unassigned.

    Here's the problem. Neither is true. There is no bill to view. The subscription is NOT unassigned. All my subscriptions are set to autorenew and auto pay. When I get these emails I have to login and check my account, I can't just not login and make sure that the renew is paid for and the subscription is assigned.

    I'm getting irritated by the these emails and I'm about sick of it. They're a waste of my time as I have better things to do than double check my account because of some false email.

    Is anyone else having this problem? Why has it just started in the last month or so? Whats triggering these emails? When the emails are generated why does untangle think that the subscription is unassigned? Whats going on and why does sales think I'm a jackass for complaining about these?

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    Thanks for the post and sorry this has been trying experience. I will discuss this with the store team and post with their response.
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    That would irritate me as well. Would you please forward one of those to so that we can look into it?

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