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    Default Command Center and Bitdefender

    I have read about Command center and Bitdefender integration. What does that mean? I am currently using Zonealarm for my endpoints in my house and am very happy with it but the subscription will run out soon and I think it is prudent to look at alternatives before renewing it.
    As I understand it, I have to buy a subscription for bit defender on my home devices, and using some sort of api, Untangle control center can tweak settings and policies on that endpoint. Is that correct? I am not a network engineer. Thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marty_B View Post
    buy a subscription for bit defender on my home devices
    I think such functions like APIs etc. are only available with business versions of BD (Gravityzone). In my point of view, linkage to the Command Center is anyway not very powerful yet (no automated actions on NGFW in case of infections, SSL inspection or any synced stuff etc.). The "only" thing you have is visibility and you can request a virus scan. But you can also request such in BD's cloud service. Such a cloud service is also available in Home versions.

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