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    I'd like to know if there is a way - when I purchase a license for i.e. 500 users - to do that if are logged 500 + 1 user, the last user logged to the UT Network can't access to Internet in any way and must wait that at least one of the 500 succesfully logged user shutdown its device or disconnect from the network

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    The 501st device will only pass through free apps. It will still have access to the Internet but the traffic is not processed through the paid app rules and conditions.
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    The 501st device actually gets processed by the free modules, which is to say it's sent to the default rack, and will get handled by the firewall.

    So, if you configured the default rack with nothing but a firewall with a rule to block everything, and made other racks and used polices to get to them, you could do this. But the licenses don't free up on logout, they free up on a timer that's up to 24 hours away.
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