My Company is new customer of u150 appliance and 5-year subscription for NG Firewall Complete (up to 100).
We make payment via wire transfer for both, yesterday.

For testing purpose I have already instaled and running Untangle server on VMware ESX infrastrukture with TRIAL licence which will expire in 4 days.

Before payment I have opened Untangle account for activating trial licence on testing server.

Hardvare device (u150) will arive to me after 20+ days.

So I want to activate paid licence on already running server with trial licence.

In my existing Untangle account I don't see anything under SUBSCRIPTIONS tab when I am loged in.

What I need to get from Untagle after payment confirmation (vaucher or something else)?
How I can activate paid licence on running apps with trial licence?
And can I send mail to Untangle support directly if I need some help in the future?

Thanks in advance.