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    Default Need to restore appliance after SSD failure from cloud backup

    The SSD in my appliance failed. It takes daily cloud backups. I see the backups listed. All I want to do is download the current backup so I can restore it. The instructions sound simple:

    Restoring from Backup in Command Center

    If you have the Configuration Backup service app installed and enabled, backups will be stored daily in Command Center.

    In order to view/download your backup configuration file from Command Center, go to Appliances > Cloud Backups. From there, you will see a blue hyperlink underneath MD5. By clicking the link with the correct timestamp, the download for the backup file will begin.
    But instead of the backup downloading, it opens a new window that says:

    Specified appliance does not exist or no appliance found
    There are also two buttons below the list of backups. One says : "Create Backup" and the other says: "Restore Backup". When I select "Create Backup" it pops up a window that says:
    Are you sure you would like to create a backup from the selected appliance?
    Selecting this pops up:
    Backup created successfully!
    But I have zero idea where that backup goes to or if that is something I can download. Selecting "Restore Backup" appears to want to restore the failed UID that no longer exists. How do I restore the rebuilt fresh install box?

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    Yeah, someone screwed up pretty hard on the UI update for the Command Center, because I can't download a backup either.

    And you MUST be able to download it, so you can restore it to a different UID'd install, join that appliance to the back end, and move your sub to it.

    That is, unless the process has changed... but if that's true and I don't know about it, that's yet another problem.

    Given the time sensitive nature of this I'd CALL support... NOW.

    It looks like the backup's name is supposed to be a link to the backup file, but the new UI simply isn't getting a correct link.

    *Edit* I think someone is kicking it right now because my cmd center just reverted to the old UI.

    Try this link to get into your old appliances list to download from there.

    *edit 2*
    Nope not working there either...

    *Edit 3*

    I called Untangle Support and spoke with Austin, Untangle is now aware of the issue and grabbing the appropriate hammers.

    In the meantime, I reiterate CALL THEM. They can pull your backup and email it to you in the meantime.
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    As sky-knight expressed, a fix is already in the works and should be pushed out soon.

    In the mean time, if there are backups available in the cloud and you need a backup immediately, please open a support ticket providing the UID of the device and we can help you out.

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    I pulled the current backup from the cmd-old link. Thanks!

    Edit: Oops, it didn't work. I was looking at an old backup that was already there and thought it downloaded. Been working too long today. I had my old appliance sitting in the closet for about 2 years just in case this ever happened and have it running until I get this one recovered.
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