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    Default Radius - User logging

    Hi All

    I have read post after post and new just before life ends lol wanted to ask if someone can help.

    I have rebuild my untangle server and wanted to use radius authentication for my wifi. So i have installed it and it is working with all my wifi towers. I have also added for the AD connector the API - which i installed on all domain controllers as well as changing all the local kerbos security setting as advised on the site (Running server 2012 R2 Standard) - On domain machines that login my untangle receives the user info from the API so that is good. but it does not receive any information when my wifi mobile devices login in. I have also set up AD connector and Radius connector they all work perfectly when testing. I have changed my captive portal to use radius and AD connect in the hope that untangle will get the user name from the radius log that happened when connecting to the wifi but no luck at all.

    Is it at all possible to get the user information from Radius server to untangle?


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    If the PC is logged in via the captive portal, the sessions should have the same login name in the username column. Check the session viewer.
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