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    Default Issue with Group lookup

    Had an internal ticket at a client where one user authenticated with Captiveportal got stuck in the CaptivePortal rack.

    They have rules so when a user has authenticated the should match another policy rule and be sent to another rack if they are member in "Company Group" and all accounts are members of this group so in theory no one should get stuck in the Captive rack.

    But this user did.. (External user with external hardware so no AD sign in)

    Looking in Directory Connector we could see that the user was member in all the right groups but still did not mach the Policy rule.
    Sessions was marked with "domain\user" as the user was signing in in CaptivePortal with both domain and username.
    So i guess that there is some logical error where it try to check group member ship on the hole "domain\username" as username and then get no match.

    Fix for now was to kick out user of CaptivePortal and then have them sign in with just username. (Works!)

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