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    Yeah but the darn http management switch actually turns the port 80 web server on and off... not just the management.

    It kills the block pages, and everything else that binds to the non-secure web. Including the AD connector.

    Long and short, never turn that off.

    Enhancement request:

    Can we get that HTTP administration option removed from the GUI, and placed into advanced mode where it is relabeled to say something like "http service" enable/disable so people understand the implications of that box a bit more clearly.

    Alternately, if it's supposed to be an http admin on/off can't we just rebuild the GUI in that spot to modify an .htaccess file in the /webui directory to deny to all?

    P.S. DanP... you aren't helping me get any sleep you know. The only thing worse than an old out of support AD, is an old out of support SBS. And to compound it... you want to "upgrade" to a new SBS? Don't get me started on SBS. It is not saving you any money...
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