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Thread: Bug report?

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    Default Bug report?

    What is the procedure for reporting a bug?

    I have two things that I have repeatedly noticed on different installations:

    1. When modifying the settings in OpenVPN and then saving them it will kick me back to the dashboard rather than back to the previous screen.

    2. After opening the client interface from main screen on the UT server and then later closing it, I can't open again. When I click any of the icons on the UT screen they just flash and do nothing. The only thing I have done to correct this is reboot. I have to believe other people encounter this, but I haven't seen other posts.

    Suggestions on number 2 would be appreciated.


    R. Kinch

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    To post an official bug report, go to, sign up, hit "New" and enter in the relevant information. I have no suggestions for your two issues, though. I'm way too new at this.
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    never seen #2 - open a console and run 'ps aux | grep ice' and see if you see iceweasel still running.

    perhaps tell us something about your setup and hardware.
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    I have a client suffering from issue 2, sort of...

    Fresh boot and the thing thinks Iceweasel is already running.

    However, this unit is also suffering from intermittent and rather debilitating performance issues. To be honest, my gut tells me it didn't survive the 6.1 upgrade in one piece.

    The funny thing is this guy I believe got the first super bundle. Since that was the box support got to hack in the relevant licenses before we could actually purchase the super bundle on the site.

    I'm going to see if I can pick up the unit for a battery of hardware diagnostics... I didn't design this thing and while it is made out of similar stuff to what I use... something just isn't adding up.
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