I just want to suggest having a 1 minute demo of showing how each app works. It could be short & sweet.
for example:
-this is mr. spammer sending spam, this is happy user receiving spam & then not receiving the spam when spam filter turned on

-this is mr. evil using nessus et al, this is untangle attack blocker off & then untangle reporting blocked attacks when attack blocker turned on

-this is mr. evil using nessus et al, this is untangle w/ IPS turned off & then untangle reporting intrusion prevention when IPS on
(An explanation of how the two are similar but different would help. My attention span only wants to hear a 50 words or less explanation. I mainly want to see that each works individually and complementing each other)

-this is dirty user browsing for porn and getting blocked (no off example necessary)

-this is shopper user seeing ads in browsing. then adblocker turned on.

I hope this post was worth all of the typing. It would greatly help with pre-sales demonstrations as the whole enchilada should be demonstrated in a few minutes or less. I think you'd see an increased attention to your product.

And help us resolve doubts of things such as IPS and attack blocker working or not. I really don't feel like setting up a virtual network of pc's or whatever to poke and prod.