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    Quote Originally Posted by jcoffin View Post
    When an upgrade is available, the upgrade link on the left menu under config tab turns green. Clicking on it will list all the upgrades available.
    Never noticed that... Thanks. I had no idea that it changed color and every time I hit it, it always had no updates available since I had on the Automatic Updates.

    Does that just put official releases/patches, or beta also?

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    Just releases, betas are always separate ISO images that must be installed manually.

    And, your logic is correct. Untangle really shouldn't advertise their product in the "ease" realm as heavily as they can't fully support it. We aren't talking about custom hardware with a known platform everyone uses the same stuff and moves forward. We're talking about random PC trash all the way to server grade hardware...

    To really support Untangle requires a pile of work and dedication. Something of which only the resellers are capable. You can do it yourself of course, but it is again testing. You never know when the next update will break tings.

    90% of the time, upgrades are uneventful. I know this 7.0 upgrade took me by surprise as in the past every upgrade has been flawless, except those that jump between OSs. 6.0.2 to 6.2 for example is a nightmare and a half...

    But if you have any kind of up-time guarantee, you have no choice but to have duplicate hardware off to the side for the express purpose of testing new releases on prior to roll into production.

    So yes I say this emphatically, DISABLE AUTOMATIC UPDATES.

    Then when you upgrade you can:

    1.) Put the upgrade on your own time
    2.) Backup your Untangle prior
    3.) Have the previous version install media handy

    Given this list you are open to update the box, and if everything goes wrong... pave it, install the previous version, restore the backup and move on.

    This is the human problem I was referring to. Automatic is exactly that, and so is manual. If you want control over the upgrade process, the latter option is your choice. You cannot have a "manually controlled" "automatic update."

    What is the box supposed to do? Predict the future and read your mind?
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    Actually, I would prefer if the box would make me coffee!

    I completely agree with you on everything except one thing. Yes, I want a "manually controlled automatic update." I want more control of "what/when/where" automatic updates are done, and those options to be present when you setup the system, not buried in a sub category.

    Let me also make one thing clear... I am not blaming anyone for the issues I had with the upgrade. I should of disabled the AU a long time ago, but until now never had a problem with it. I just feel that with the "ease" that is advertised, and the fact that this is installed on many different hardware platforms by people with various degrees of technical knowledge that some attention needs to be focused on how updates are applied.

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