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    Default Thanks - How do I use the code!

    Sky-knight and danp - Thanks for the code, I am very interested in custom reporting.

    If I was very new to UT and inexperienced, which coincidentally I am, how specifically would I go about using this code? (Dummy version).


    (Sky-knight, thanks for the mebibit information. Fascinating how it makes more and more of a difference as we climb the ladder).

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    In a word, (well two actually), "Executive Report", Many of us had the pdf emails going to HR and Managers, they would glance at there reports and provide requests for additional filtering or request more detail based on the short report that they received. At least for myself being able to place users, groups, deparments what have you into policies and them mailing a report based on that policy would be Great. At this point most of the managers that I mail reports to have dumped back to me, with the comment I don't have time to look through sixty pages.... And I know that there is a reports user and that they can login and drill down, most report that they would do that IF the saw a problem in the reports.... Most prefer to review and then hand back, they don't want to work in the firewall... So much for short....

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