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Thread: Wow and thanks

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    Default Wow and thanks

    Finally a firewall that is easy to setup and configure.

    I have tried them all over the years, currently I use Kerio Winroute "a great product" but too pricey.

    We are in the process of evaluating this product to place into our customers sites for a managed IT solution.

    There are some features of Kerio I will miss, namely the activity viewer which tells you who is going where in realtime, but who sits and stares at the screen all day watching the traffic flow by. It is handy for troubleshooting though

    Hats off to all of you at UT, this is a great product and I see and long and healthy relationship ahead of us.

    So thanks again for a great product

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    very true majesty.

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    Welcome to the forums and thank you for trying us out.
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