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    Thumbs up 7.1 Beta working great

    The feature in the web filter to override with a password now makes this an option for use in a small school. However, I would like to see an option that users could actually log in before being allowed to browse out to the internet. Installing another server with AD to provide that service would make this a non viable option. It's great that the option is there for larger networks with AD, but I'm working with 15 computers, no servers. And a option for defining users just on the Untangle box to control internet access would make this perfect for what I'm looking for.
    This post isn't a negative for the system, it seems to work well as is, I'd just like to see a bit more for using in very small environments that still need to follow the rules (like CIPA) but can't afford, or need to have large infrastructures of equipment.

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    Hi Gellenb and Welcome to the forum,

    I know that the devs are working on a Captive portal.
    And hopeful that will have support for local users as well as AD users.

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