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    Default Web Filter (Pass by MAC address)

    I noticed that the only way to pass a specific user is by IP address. The problem is that I use a WAP/untange DHCP to dynamically assign IPs to the laptops. But some of them I want to have open access to the internet. And since the laptops come and go - I need the IPs to remain dynamic.

    Also it would be nice to be able to create custom laccess levels for specific users - ie SHIPPING (Access DHL, INTRANET) RECEPTIONIST(INTRANET ONLY) & MANAGER (ACCESS ALL) and tie a specific MAC/PHYSICAL adddress to an ACCESS LEVEL.

    Please email me if this feature will be released or is even possible.

    Benjamin M. Mitchell

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    i am not sure if you have tried this yet but, there is a feature on dhcp to bind a mac address to specific ip and it will be given same ip everytime. this depends on how many laptops you have ( cause you have to enter their mac one by one ). then you can do a custom rack or custom policy that will be applied for those laptops without setting it up statically.

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