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    Default Competitive Advantages

    The future thread found, here

    Revealed a need for specific marketing information regarding the Untangle appliance. We need case studies, details from our users and customers of what we use Untangle for, and why we chose Untangle over the competition.

    So lets fill this thread with the groups of customers we've deployed Untangle to, and how they use it.

    For my clients, I have 3 distinct categories.

    1.) Home Users (rare)
    2.) SMB Users
    3.) Enterprise Users

    For clarification I consider a client to be an Enterprise user if their network has more than 1 IP segment.

    1.) The first category encompasses the very rare group of upper-middle class individuals that have purchased an Untangle server for the specific purpose of doing content filtration for their home networks. These people rarely purchase anything from Untangle directly, as the combination of the free web filter and opendns solves the problem nicely. I have 1 client that has purchased the super bundle to gain the extra security offered by the eSoft filter. This particular client was sold the Untangle device from another vendor here in town, and that vendor couldn't support him any longer. He contacted Untangle, Untangle sent him to me, and I've been taking care of his special situation ever since. I won't go into real detail on why he needs all this, but I will say he has two teenage sons that are very fond of subverting the filter.

    The issue for these clients is largely cost. I can't sell devices here on a regular interval simply due to the cost of the hardware to get the product online.

    2.) SMB Users are my primary market and for the most part have been receptive to Untangle. These single IP segment networks are often simply run by SOHO routers. These clients aren't switching from another UTM, they don't even know what a UTM is until I bring it up. Cost is a major concern for these users, and most of these clients for me haven't purchased any hardware in the last 24 months. The single deployment I have in this category came about because the client had an old Dell Poweredge server collecting dust I turned into an Open Source installation. I have attempted to sell them something, anything, but they won't pay for anything beyond the labor of maintaining the mess of their office. This client base has purchased PC based routing hardware from me in the past, I blame the current lack of sales on the economic situation in Arizona directly. Many clients have expressed extreme interest, they just can't find the budget. This I've seen more room to maneuver in this market, so I'm hoping for some better sales.

    3.) Enterprise Users. These customers are larger, well established organizations that are versed in the concepts of network security and usually have someone on site that either does the IT work directly, or they have someone managing the IT work.

    I've replaced Sonicwalls here with great ease. Untangle is simply cheaper in every way than Sonicwall, and offers a greater feature set. There has been some growing pains about the lack of IPSec support, but so far the clients that have gone this direction simply replaced all sonicwalls all at the same time since they all came up for renewal at the same time anyway.

    Larger installations, like the 5a school I support in Oklahoma. Decided to go with untangle as their content filtration solution. The untangle product has several issues technically to be made to work on this large of a scale. Therefore, it has considerable cost in human resources to get online. However, in this client's case the total installation cost of Untangle was approximately the same as the cost of renewing the Web Sense filter they were using. The real savings will happen year 2 when the Untangle renewal happens at literally 50% the cost. This client is also special, in that he is present on these forums. If he chooses to give us more detail I'll leave it up to him.
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    I would be willing to talk to somebody about being a case study. We switched from a Websense/Sunbelt solution to Untangle in the 5.x series of Untangle. We are a 50 user network and purchased the Ultimate bundle.

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