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    I just wanted to give a quick feedback on untangle.

    Yes this is my first post on this forum so feel free to jump all over me. Ha ha.

    I tried Untangle a few years ago and was pleased with the product. Since that, I started using astaro for my clients. Recently, I was sitting at the office and thought I would go through some old disc's and noticed my old Untangle disk. I decided to check it out to see what improvements have been made. WOW, what a difference. I'm very impressed. It appears very stable and has allot of flexibility and fits the topology of many of my clients. So long astaro! Reading through some of these posts have showed me there are many knowledgeable people that can support and provide assistance very fast and accurate. I'm looking forward to using Untangle and your expert assistance.

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    Welcome to the forums "jcseeger" don't forget to sign up to be a reseller. To be a reseller you have to fill out some paperwork and buy a NFR subscription of the super bundle for $199/yr. It is a great way to play with all the products and test.

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