Just wanted to make my first thread a thank you thread. I was looking at purchasing a TZ180 from Sonicwall for my home and then subscribing to their web filtering to keep my home network protected from "questionable" content.
I'm an IT professional of 4 years (still young I guess) and after having tried an MSDN copy of ISA 2006, which was extremely hard to configure and never worked properly because I've never used it your product is a breath of fresh air.
On a 2.4ghz Celeron, 1gb ddr and 60gb hdd this firewall screams. It's protecting my home network of 11 pc's and 3 servers. Stable for the past 3 weeks with not a single hiccup. It blocks all the stuff I want it to block and lets me and my family enjoy the rest of the internet without all the worry. The interface is easy to use and configuring it doesn't require RTFM.
You've saved my butt on this one and I plan on recommending this product to anyone in the same boat as me, home or buisness.
Again Thank you. Greatest firewall product ever.