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    Cool My Suggestions


    First let me say that you have a fantastic product, the setup application is truly impressive, and the ease of use is just 1000% better than anything else out there. Thank you very much for making this software available.

    That being said, there are a few features I would like to see in future versions (They are listed in order of Most Desired first):

    1. uPnP Support - Support for automatic forwarding of ports by uPnP enabled applications.
    (Obviously this poses a certain security risk and should be disabled by default, but an option to turn it on would be just fantastic)

    2. DNS Server : Ability to specify dns servers to use to override the servers assigned by DHCP without having to switch to a full manual configuration. (For example to use

    3. Ability to edit "block" pages : The ability to customize the web pages that are displayed when a site is blocked, for example a page with a Virus, or a page that has been filtered by the "Web Filter" module.
    (The current "Virus Blocked" page has some misspellings, incorrect grammar and it's not as pretty as the "Spyware Blocked" page.)

    4. QOS (Traffic Shaping) : A function of the "Router" module, options relating to how traffic flow is metered on the network.
    (For example, to give lower priority to p2p traffic, or higher priority to VOIP, video traffic or web browsing)

    5. A nice icon for the Client Application (The current default Java icon is pretty uninspired)

    That's about all I can come up with, again let me say that this is already a fantastic product and I'm sure that future versions will be even better.
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