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    Default UT 6.1 or 6.2 causing mass download traffic?

    I have 2 problems with an UT 6.1 or 6.2 installation in bridge mode at 2 different customers.

    All of the sudden +/- arout april14th they complained that they had massive download traffic, and indeed, the ISP gave me rates of 15 to 20GB daily downloads and 1 to 2GB uploads daily (normal traffic is +/- 200 to 500MB daily)

    After investigating logs, etc I found nothing exept for the Untangle BOX with a constanly flahsing LED on the WAN side.

    I upgraded the untangle to 7.2 via the upgrade menu, changed the password and the problem was resolved,

    is this a known issue?

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    The clam av in those versions are no longer supported. I had the same problem, the antivirus would constantly try to update but fail.

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